AHG: Manage Service Stars

There is a big site wide service area issue, any hours not tied to a calendar event are gone. They are working to restore it. Happened just before Thanksgiving, so yes you did used to be able to see it!

The hours listed per level under Manage Service Stars does not match the number of hours for each individual under Participation and Service

Can you email me at support@trooptrack.com and let me know of several specific girls whose hours don’t match? That way I can take a look at it and figure out where the problem is.

Also, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this. I was out of the office part of last week with food poisoning and then my computer broke over the weekend, so it has taken me awhile to get caught up!

I have some members that do a ton of service hours outside the Events listed. How can service hours be added without adding Calendar events? is there an import function for a CSV list? It would be extremely time consuming to do each one individually. Let me know…thanks

Hi Brad,

Yes we can! This link has other links with instructions for all the types of data we can bulk import: Request and validate imports instantly

If you go to that link, there will be an “Activites” import. That one contains service hours. The import needs to include:

Required Columns:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Youth or Adult (values should be either “youth” or “adult”)
  • Event Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Optional Columns:

  • Event title
  • Event type (One of your troop’s available event types)
  • Service hours
  • Tent nights
  • Cabin nights
  • Hiking miles
  • Canoeing miles
  • Round trip miles driven
  • Level (One of your troop’s available levels—not applicable to everyone)

And of course you can always individually add hours. To individually manually add service hours just go to the user profile, then go to the participation tab and click on the “Record External Participation” button. Then add the total hours, miles, etc.



First of all, thanks for your reply and guidance…I’ve never used that before, but now that I know, I can see myself taking advantage of that.

My biggest issue is needing entries into the Calendar for Service Hours. The girls in my troop do service hours all the time all over the place. I do not want to fill up my calendar with ALL of their items. Is there any way of managing
Service Hours without a calendar activity?

Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

Most definitely! You can individually apply service hours to any scout.

First, you navigate to any scout’s profile in your troop. The easiest way to do this is go to Quick Nav > Members, and then select the scout. Then when on their profile go to the Participation & Service tab. This tab will show a table of all that scout’s participation. On the top right corner of that table there is a blue button that say “Add Service Hours”. Click that button and add in the necessary items.

If that button is not available for you or other members in your troop, you will need to make sure the correct privileges are enable for whoever would like to have that feature.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



Yes, that looks like what I need, but I’m curious. I tested it by entering in a activity with Service Hours per your instructions yesterday, then I exported the CSV to evaluate the Service Hours and it is not listed in there. Is it stored
somewhere else that I need to export it out a different way?

Thanks in advance.

Why can’t wee see service hours to date in the badge book? I want to see the progress towards the next level for our Tenderhearts. I know that they have all of most of service hours completed, they do show up under Manage Service Stars, but the % completion only shows 12%, let’s say and no service hours. In reality they should be much closer to 100%. Why the discrepancy?

Is there any reason why this feature disappeared a few days ago? We need it back along with the ability for girls to add their non-troop time service hours in. They can add an event called service hours, but can’t put hours into it anymore. HELP!!!

It appears as though there is a bug, the TT staff is aware and are working on a resolution.


This problem should be fixed now. Sorry for the disruption.


Thanks @dave, I have verified that my BSA Unit now has all of their Ranks and Merit Badges back, I would imagine AHG Stars and Hours are also fixed. Hopefully we will hear from @TroopNC0800, @NancyElmore, @MargaretMello, @KathrynHouse-Hickenb, @VictoriaGreene, or @VictoriaBement to verify AHG Stars and Hours are functioning properly.


Service hours entry and Manage Service Stars are both working on our end again, thank you!!


I am having the same problem- the button to add service stars is missing from my daughter’s profile.