Service Stars

My question is concerning Service Stars that the girls earned outside of events with the troop. In the past you could select the service star feature and then just enter how many stars they earned. I have not found that feature for some of our girls. I do know about the new feature that automatically calculates service stars and that is great. How do I document stars earned outside the events if the service star feature is not available to select for the girl at their level.

Hi @Denise!

To track girls individual service hours, go to their profile, select “Participation and Service”, then select “Add Service Hours.” From here, you will be able to record the date, number hours, the name of the event, etc. After adding the hours, you will add the stars using the “Manage Service Stars” feature (Achieve> Manage Service Stars).

Thank you for posting in the TroopTrack community!

Great. I see it now.



When I click on “Add Service Hours” on my daughter’s “Participation & Service” tab, nothing happens.

Do I need to do something else?