AHG: Manage Service Stars

If you're an American Heritage Girls troop, you have access to the Manage Service Stars feature. This feature is the only way to add service stars to the profiles of the youth in your troop and it's super easy to do.

First off, you'll need to add service hours to your users. If your users have no service hours then this page isn't useful to you.

Visit Achieve>Manage Service Stars, you'll see something like this account with some service hours already added:

10051 service hours might be an unrealistic amount, but it gets the point across, alright?

We can see how many stars are already on the accounts of these users (in this case they have 0) and how many hours they've served at each level. Clicking the link "Add x Stars" will add those stars to the profile of that user.

As you can see with the second user, if they don't have enough hours to have earned another service star, there won't be a link.

Recommended Use:

Considering stars can only be done manually, some users might wonder when they should go through and start adding stars. We recommend that you add them before you sync your information with AHG, before you have an event where you'd hand out such awards, or after a big service project that a lot of people attended... or really whenever you're thinking about it. It doesn't take too long to go through and update and it gives you a good idea of where your youth are in their service and participation.

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What’s the reason for this change? I seems like an extra step. The Service stars you need to buy don’t go on the shopping list unless you take the extra step of adding them. Before they went on the shopping list automatically when the proper number of hours were added to the system.

We started thinking about this change because the old way only worked about 80% of the time. Users would record service hours, but the stars wouldn’t appear. We discussed the problems we were having, the causes of them, and possible solutions. In the end we decided to give you more direct control of the service stars so you could see exactly what was going on. We tried to make it as easy to use as possible so that it wouldn’t take long to add all the service stars you need.

I’m new to managing troop track … it would be nice to be able to add outside service hours without having to create an event. The event page is great for a troop service project, but for girls serving on their own, it seems bulky.

You can do that - just go to the “participation & service” tab on the profile of the girl you want to add hours to and click “Add Service Hours”.

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It would very helpful to separate out their service hours by year, not just by level. Our end-of-year report requires the number of service hours earned during the year by the troop members. Also, to earn the Presidential Service Award, they need to earn the required hours in one calendar year, and it would be a lot easier to access that information if we could choose a time-period to check the hours. (ie. from June 1, 2015 - May 31, 2016)


Hi @SaraBoyle1,

Will you please make your post into a separate topic under the Ideas category? That is where other TroopTrack Users will be able to add their support to your idea and that is also where we consider all new feature requests.


But the outside activity events do not show up in reports where we are hoping to get total hours. Only hours for troop events show.

(ETA - -this is in reply to Dave’s reply addressing KarenBatsford’s comment)

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I am trying to figure out how to look at all member’s service hours to see Presidential Service Award eligibility. Is there a report for this?

In the Manage Service Stars section, some of our girls indicate a “current level” of “NONE” even though they are assigned to a level, and show up properly in the MANAGE UNITS section.

Manage Units will show their unit, but they may not have a level assigned to them.

To fix this, you can go to their individual profiles, and press “Edit” next to “Registration Info” and set the “Current Level” there or you can go to Manage > Units, and “promote” the unit by pressing the promote button to a different unit and then promoting them back (that should set all their levels, but you should first edit the unit to make sure the level is correct).

If you believe this is not the problem, please provide me the names of a couple girls and I can look at them specifically.

Thank you.

Fixed. Thank you very much!

Did you ever get an answer? If you go to the member’s Participation and Service tab, tap the Date tab so it sorts by date, then you can count up the hours for the year. IDK if there is an actual report. Sometimes those are cumbersome, so we just do it this way.

FWIW, we just started doing this before our February COH, counting their hours from January to January, so that we have plenty of time to order the awards in time for the May COH. In the past they didn’t arrive in time.

@CorriGross @SaraBoyle1,

We released a feature for this several weeks ago.

Plan > Participation Book, Service Summary (green button).

This will list all the girls and their service totals. You can modify the date filter to get all the totals on one page at the same time.


When our girls were promoted from one Unit to the next their service stars went with them (and changed colors). Is there a way to differentiate which stars were completed in which Unit? Thanks! (does this need to go in the “Ideas”?)

I’d love to see stars of different colors follow the girls. Although I realize this is purely cosmetic. :slight_smile:


That’s weird. All our girls show the stars they earned at each level. Under Manage-Units, my Patriot daughter shows stars of blue, red, white, and gold, so it’s easy to see how many she earned at each level.

We’ve never “promoted” a unit at a time, so I wonder if that makes a difference???

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This looks like it will work for reporting our AHG total hours. :grinning:
However, it doesn’t appear to include “outside participation” of service hours to aid in figuring Presidential Service Award for a girl.

I’ve entered service hours and then added stars… Now I can’t view those hours to see what they were and how much was given for each event. Is there a way to find that information?

Also, just to say I feel like the other day I could view all this information but now when I check the girls a lot of their participation/service events are gone.