AHG Medical History Form -- purpose?

I’m just really confused why it is that the health forms are available through TroopTrack, but isn’t a fillable PDF. TT fills in the basic name/address info, but the rest has to be printed and filled out by hand. Can anyone explain how this is helpful?

I’d really, REALLY like TT to offer the health forms in database form – so we could print an official form when necessary, but also so we could have various reporting functions. For example, it would be hugely helpful to simply be able to print a report of people who have reported allergies.


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Hi @keelie.shrader,

Maybe in the future we will do this. I didn’t even know that many people used it. It was meant to be a convenience with the part we do autofill, but if you’re finding it cumbersome, you don’t have to use it. We’re making some switches to a newer, faster infrastructure, and it will likely be easier for us to make this possible after we make that switch.


Just read this on the “Troop Record Keeping Checklist”:
“Note: Archiving Troop members’ forms electronically is not an acceptable practice as it violates security and HIPPA laws.”

Nice that AHG gives us this guidance.