PENDING: Bulk upload of medical form completion dates?

Hi @dave,

Is there a way to bulk upload the dates for users’ medical forms into the Medical Info section (Parts A, B, C and Allergies)?

I’d really like to be able to use the Medical Info feature of TT, especially the dates for AHG’s High Adventure Health forms, which can be filled out and signed by doctors at any time during the year.

I could probably use the id field and/ or first_name/ last_name fields, and I think I found the Medical form dates as physical_class1_on, class2, and class3?

If there’s no built in feature for this in TT, can I email you a file with this information for you to upload for me? I don’t have any health forms at this time (lock-down), but in the next few months I will ask our Health & Safety to put this together if that is something you can do for us.

Thank you!

P.S. I agree with other posters that it would be really nice if TT had features that utilized the health form dates (specifically, emailing the parent when a health form for someone in their household is about to expire, and cc both of our H&S coordinators).

P.P.S. Having a participant at an official AHG event who does not have a valid health form jeopardizes our compliance with AHG’s Health & Safety policies and puts our troop, charter organization, and possibly board members at risk for lawsuits. :frowning: We are currently considering deactivating users in TT whose health forms have expired so that they cannot be invited to events and thus jeopardize our compliance with AHG’s Health & Safety policies. I agree with others’ requests to disallow user’s the ability to RSVP Yes or Maybe to an event that is going to take place after the date of their health form has expired. Or put an alert on any TT invitations they receive for events that take place after their health forms expire, or when they click to RSVP, or a personal announcement that appears when they log in to TT (rare event) and receive a newsletter (monthly). This is especially important for High Adventure activities.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi @mwestcott1,

I think those are great ideas and I’ve submitted them to our tech team. If I understand you correctly you want a way to bulk upload all the medical sections (Part A,B, and C) all at once rather than one by one? And also being email to bulk upload the medical information similar to how you can bulk upload achievements (by sending us a file and us uploading it to TroopTrack)?

Also notifications are a great idea! We definitely want you to stay in compliance with AHG, and stay out of lawsuits!

Let me know if you have other suggestions for this,

David Keener

Now that I have stewed on this a little while, I think that we may not need the bulk uploader for health form expiration dates. We would have to type the dates into the spreadsheet to send to you, and that might take about the same amount of time as manually entering the dates one girl at a time.

So I think it would make sense (for us) to enter our dates directly into TT this year, and if the H&S coordinators think it would help them to bulk upload a spreadsheet through you, I will let you know in a few months.

Thank you for your attention to my many, many posts! :slight_smile: