Medical forms - how secure are they?

We are new to TroopTrack and the committee is investigating whether or not to put the scouts Medical forms into the tool. Anybody doing this? How secure is it? Should we be concerned?

Really looking to ensure that the kids information stays accessible only to people who have access to that scouts account (demographic) data.

Hi sstrunk,

We have uploaded our health forms to TT.

The issue of security has not come up. I would think they would be secure, based on the permissions set for each person.

There is a generic report that shows when the forms expire. I would like to see this part enhanced. Rather than a simple PDF report, I would also like to see a query that shows medical forms that are due to expire in 90 days. This way the Health Officer could send a quick email reminder to only those users.

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@sstrunk - Our Troop had the same concerns among the parents. However, with the scanned docs online and available, it made the Troop Committee Member who is in charge of keeping the records job a lot easier. Since it allowed the parents to scan the medical forms up into TT and was easily accessible by that Committee Member. Remember it’s the job of the Troop Committee to identify the level of access each Scout, adult parent, Scoutmaster and ASM’s, and Committee Members have in TT. Those accesses do limit what each individual can and can’t do in TT. Hope this helped and answered your question.