AHG Medical Forms

I would like to be able to record the dates for our AHG medical forms. I noticed the forms are titled using the Boy Scout type medical forms (eg. Part A, Part B, Part C & Part D). Would it be possible to label the medical forms using AHG terminology, Health & Medical History Form and High Adventure Form? Also I would like to see the report modified to show the dates for the forms and when they expire? This would make it so much easier to communicate with our families.

Thank you!


YES!!! It’s a paperwork nightmare! But if we could input the information that is valid to AHG type of forms, that would be lovely. Including what was listed above but also our CPR & First Aid Certification and KEYS training!


Wonderful idea! Yes, instead of having to remember which form we put with which letter.

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@schwammrs & @ChristyWestover1 & @KimMeyers

I thought of you ladies when I saw this post, but I forgot to tag you when I responded. Would this be helpful?? If so, like it! :blush: And then spread the word to your AHG troop friends please!! :wink:


Yes, great idea! This would be helpful!

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​I am worried about the security factor of uploading the girls’ medical

Or, is this just to have the forms on there for parents to download…​

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It’s not to download the medical information, just expiration dates. Then families could see when their training expires and it’s not a mystical, “I just did that!” kind of thing.


Yes we have to keep an excel sheet with dates to keep track of all of our forms because TT only has Medical Form areas for Boy Scouts. It would be beneficial to know when people have turned in their forms and a way to BULK update this so as to the first month or two when we are receiving an overabundance of forms we could do them all at one time… like the achievement bulk update.

As to security, we as a troop have gone electronic and keep our scanned forms on an online area that the Troop Board has access to. Helps with paper not to be available to general public around camp, in cars, etc. when traveling. HUGE undertaking to find locked boxes to house such forms and to have them on you at all times. This allows us to get to the forms via our phones asap if needed. Just a suggestion :wink:


This would be very helpful for us!