AHG-PenPal Program

AHG has a PenPal program that you sign up and pay for directly through corporate. The troop receives a list in the spring of the participants. Is there a way to mark participation for this annual option?

Hi @CorriGross,

We’re just curious about what you’d like TroopTrack to do in association with the Pen Pal program. Like do you have an idea or something relating to it?

I was thinking of adding it as a badge, but it’s something re-earned annually, so I don’t think that would work. Could we make it an event that starts 1/1 and ends 12/31? What would that look like on the calendar?

It would look like this, but worse:

We can create a badge that can be awarded again and again if you’d like. I’d just need to know what category to put it under and what requirements you’d like to track.

We just asked TT to create a patch for our troop, since that is what the girls receive. Each year, the girls who participate are just bulk entered to receive the patch.

But our troop likes super simple! :smirk: