AHG: Sports Pin discs need to be multiple-use

Girls do sometimes participate in more than one sport over their career, which means they need to be able to earn the participation discs (based on hours) multiple times (once for each sport).

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@melissa, will you please look into this?

Thank you!

@keelie.shrader The discs are set as repeatable in our system. Are you have trouble adding more than one to a girl?

I am having this same problem. I am unable to award a red disc for basketball because the girl member previously earned it with gymnastics.

It’s May 2020 and I still can’t track multiple discs?

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Agreed. The discs should be in the system by each sport pin so we can track it. There are some girls who do multiple sports and it’s impossible to keep up with the discs as implemented.

I was just trying to enter sport disks for a third sports pin and am not able to add. This girl has 2 red disks (1 each for soccer and softball) but now it won’t let me add a third for running…not sure if this is an ongoing issue, or if there’s web issue as it lets me click on the disks, but does not load them when I hit save. Thanks!

I’m finding this issue with at least the rocker: HUGS. The rockers need to be repeatable at each level too, as files can earn them each year.