Recording participation hours for sports pin disks

Is there a way in Troop Track to record and track additional participation hours
for earned sports pins? Tracking hours for colored disks that go behind the
earned sports pins. I can’t find anything for this.

Hi Melissa,

In the Sports Pins section we have white, blue, and red disc achievements. They are mixed in with all the pins. Check to see if you see them there.

I see the options to add an earned disk. I was looking for a place to track hours prior to earning a disk. For example, if a girl earned the soft ball sports pin and played an addition 25 hours of sport, there is no place to record the 25 hours. The red disk requires 100 additional hours. Thank you.

I understand now. We do not currently have a way to track those hours. I have changed this to an Idea. After a little more input from the Community, our developers may make this a new feature. Seems like this could help a lot of our users. Thanks!

YES!!! Several of our parents have asked for this!! We’d love it as well!!