Looking for basketball sports pin

I can not find where the basketball pin is. Can you help me locate this pin as I have a girl who has earned this award.
Thank you,

Hi @RitaDeady,

Sure, no problem.

In a girl’s individual profile, in the Achievements tab > Start Achievement, it’s under the “Sports Pin” heading.

Achieve > Record Individual Progress

or Achieve > Record Progress (bulk)

If you were looking under “Start Achievements” and didn’t see it, that probably means she has started it on her profile somewhere. Most likely the “other” sub tab in the “Achievements” tab.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I also have a question about sports pins. I have a girl who needs to log participation hours for a gymnastics pin. I can see where to check off any particular badge/pin work she needs to do, but I don’t see where to log participation hours. Thanks!

Other AHG users feel free to chime in.

I think most users just put progress in participation hours in the notes section of the award.

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