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Hi, The Archery badge is missing for Tenderhearts.


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Yes! When will this be fixed? Trying to enter one right now and it is not an option!

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Dear TroopTrack,

The 2019 update in TroopTrack to the Archery badge requirements is incomplete/incorrect. Errors found:

  • No ability to “Start Achievement” for the Tenderhearts [i.e. no Archery 2019(T) option].
  • Requirement numbers for the Explorer and Pioneer/Patriot levels do not match the 2015 supplemental handbook’s numbers.
  • Explorer and Pioneer/Patriot are missing requirements that are listed in the 2015 supplement.

I have spent quite a few hours studying the issue [cross comparing the original TroopTrack Archery badge requirements against the Archery 2015 requirements and the Archery 2019 requirements] and have a suggested solution for TroopTrack which I will explain below.

BACKGROUND: The key is to understand that the original handbook did not allow Tenderhearts to earn the Archery badge. The original Archery badge began at the Explorer level. Therefore, TroopTrack’s original implementation of the Archery badge began at req.#1 which was an Explorer-level requirement. When AHG expanded the Archery badge to include Tenderhearts, AHG used the same basic req. 1-4 [now applied to Tenderhearts] and added new 5, 6, and 7 requirements. This change “pushed” all the other requirements to higher numbers. The requirement did not change; just its number changed.

When AHG updated the Explorer level requirements in 2015, instead of creating a requirement #8 that said “If you did not earn this badge as a Tenderheart, complete requirements 1-4.” They actually replicated req. 1-4 as 8-12. [Note: When studying the actually wording in the 2015 supplement there are subtle differences between T#1 and Ex#8, and between T#4 and Ex#12.] Here is my diagram comparison and mapping of the AHG handbook & supplement requirements:

Here is my diagram of the missing and erroneous data for the Archery 2019 badge:

** Forum only allowed me 1 image per post. I will post this image in an additional post. **

After returning to study the 2015 supplemental handbook’s wording of requirements, and studying TroopTrack’s Archery 2015 requirements list, I’m suggesting the following adjustment of requirements:

** Forum only allowed me 1 image per post. I will post this image in an additional post. **

Please note, I am suggesting that #15 be broken down into a subset of requirements. I have seen that you will do this for the Boy Scouts on large, complex requirements. The Archery badge #15 requirement is quite lengthy and, my opinion, qualifies for needing to be further broken down.

Please let me know when the Archery badge is fixed. Our troop just attended a camporee with Archery and the Unit Leaders cannot enter their data.

Thank you and blessings,
Website & Database Administrator
AHG Troop VA1148

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Is there any update on this? I am trying to enter this for our Tenderhearts and I can’t. There is no option for them. They can obviously earn it because it’s in the handbook and I have entered them before for a previous tenderheart unit.

We had Tenderhearts and Explorers earn this badge using the 2015 requirements last summer… any idea when this will be fixed? Has TT even noticed this bug report?

We have reactivated the 2015 versions and you should be good to go. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The 2019 versions were added according to information given to us by another user. If it is erroneous, I am more than happy to correct it. Simply send me an email to kelsie@trooptrack.com with the documentation and I will update it accordingly. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

I have a current Tenderheart who has just earned her 2015 Archery badge, and I am unable to record it for her - we have it selected as an award our Troop uses, but it doesn’t appear in Bulk or Individual achievements lists. Please advise. (Other girls who earned it previously or partially earned it previously show it on their records, but I am unable to add it for girls who didn’t previously work on it).

Hi @KatieB,

This is because the badge was updated in 2019, so in order to record progress for the badge you would need to record progress on the 2019 archery badge. Is AHG still allowing girls to earn the 2015 badge?


David Keener

Let me be more clear - in our Troop settings, we have any and all archery badge options checked, including Archery (T). Yet, we cannot find a Tenderheart archery achievement to give any girl. It simply doesn’t appear in our bulk achievements or individual achievement list when we go to add it. Some girls have the (T) archery badge on their profile because it was added some time in the past, but apparently we cannot add it for anyone who doesn’t already have it. So we had to create a custom archery (T) award for our Troop.

Hi @KatieB,

I see that’s correct. I’m not seeing the archery for tenderhearts pop up either. Do you know if the requirements for the archery award changed in 2019 for the tenderhearts as well? If so would you have a link for those requirements? Are the requirements for the tenderheart archery the same as explorer? I

I’m sorry for any problems this has caused,

David Keener

Per the report we were given when we updated to the 2019 version, we were told that Tenderhearts could no longer earn the Archery badge. I would recommend reaching out to AHG directly for clarification and cc us on the email at support@trooptrack.com, we can update our system accordingly. Thanks!


Sent email just now, cced you. AHG still sells the Tenderheart Archery Badge - I think there was just a miscommunication somewhere. They never communicated to Troops it wasn’t available.

Thanks for fixing this!

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