Allow attachments when initially entering achievements and training

If I’d like to attach someone’s training certificate, your current workflow makes this a two step process.

1. Enter in training date, and details. (note the lack of ‘Certificate’ area and inability to attach files). Save.
2. Edit the training you just entered. Add attachment. Save.

Please consider making the two UI functionally the same, so this work can be done in one step.
The “Add attachment” button should be available when first entering in training. See attachment for example/detail.


6 years later, and I think this idea deserves a bump. Having training certificates stored in TT is very handy for those who need to print them out for an adventure. But the current 2-step process makes it less likely that an overworked volunteer is going to do that. Anything that we can do to streamline the process makes it easier on everyone, and makes TT so much more useful.