Bulk Recording of Training Courses

Just a thought but now that we can bulk record advancements directly from an event it would be really useful if we could also bulk record training. For example we have recently run ILST for the whole troop which was inputted individually and this week we ran a CPR course for 19. It would have been great if I could have updated their training when recording attendance.

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Another thought re training: It woudl be great if we could attache a copy of the certificate to the training record like we can a blue card to the merit badge.


Hi @DaveDavies,

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This topic has actually been brought up recently and is now a duplicate topic. Here’s a link to the first topic: Bulk Entry for Training. Please click there and add your ideas and support so we can get this in front of our developers faster.

I’m going to close this ticket now. Thanks for using TroopTrack!

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