Create our own trainings

Our search and rescue unit has monthly trainings. We want to be able to list those trainings and keep a record of who attended the training. The training options that are listed are mostly types of certifications you can complete. We might offer a land nav course this month, next month a training on autism or mental illness, etc. Members must keep a log of the training they participate in and need to be able to log the title and a brief summary of the topics covered at the training as well as the date and the # of hours. Is there a way to do this? This is one of the most important features we need. Thank you, dsh

Hi @csardsh,

These trainings sounds more like courses to me. I would recommend using the Plan > Plan an Event feature for these. Like you said, the trainings feature now is more aimed toward certifications. We may have to build a whole new feature for this kind of tracking, but that wouldn’t be the quickest option.

Thank you for the feedback.


If you’ve got another idea or see a place we might be able to enhance to better accommodate this, please let me know.

I’ll be meeting with our board next week and will discuss with them.