Allow individual users to add a description for deposits

Is it possible to allow the individual users to have a description line to add in their comments should they wish to track better for their checkbooks separate from the accountant description?

(ie-I am the accountant and add in $50 cash. The parent wishes to note this is for scout apparel. Currently I would have to enter it. We would like it set up for the accountant to enter the description if the parent writes a memo on a check, but for just cash deposits we would like parent to be able to make the note (separate from what the accountant puts in the description at the time of entering it) to say what they wish.

Hi @PhillipKivel

This sound like a great idea! However, before we can introduce this idea to our developers, we would like to see a little more support from the rest of the TroopTrack community. Have any other TroopTrack users you know add their support as a +1 or a comment about the idea and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for using the TroopTrack community!

If this was implemented I’d like to see a change history subfunction, so that if parents change their minds after the fact, the original note (or multiple prior parent note values) are still present for parents and troop officials to read. That could help avoid messy arguments about how money was used if a parent changed their mind or didn’t remember their original request.

Easier solution both from the developmental side and from the user side. Don’t do history of entries, simply leave it as an open memo box. Only the account owner (parent) can change it. Idea behind it is the same as your online personal account at the bank. If you deposit a check the memo line gets noted from the troop accountant. If you deposit cash it is up to you to go in and make notes if you wish and change it at will. Honestly from the troop side we don’t care what the money is deposited for, we watch the balance specifically.