Allow URL/links to "Shared" documents

The “Shared” document feature isn’t truly sharing. Absent of the ability to link to the document, it’s nothing more than an online folder to post documents with access permissions. I’d really like the ability to link to a document in an email, sign up, or calendar item.

It drives me a little nutty that I can insert a link in rich text, but I can’t link to any of the documents in TroopTrack. Instead, I have to put them in a Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, where I can create a link to them.

Hi Nicholas,

You can already insert a document in an email, sign up or calendar item.

In any of those areas click the “plus” symbol and then upload your desired file from there. (In the screenshot below I’m using it when planning an event from the calendar in the “description” box, but it’ll be similar for the others too).


David Keener

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