Sharing Documents


How to Get There

You can get to your full documents list and upload documents from the share badge. Simply click on the Share badge then select documents from the drop down menu box as shown below:

How It Works

To upload a new document to your document list, just click "Upload a document":

Then fill out the following form:

Click Save and the document will be uploaded and will appear on the document list:

That's it!


Shared documents... public or private?

Please help. How can I share links to these documents? The Name column is not clickable as indicated by the last screenshot in this guide. Thank you.


I love being able to share documents with the troop, but I’m a neat freak…and it would be awesome if user/webmasters were able to create folders on the Troop Documents page where a folder hierarchy was possible. (i.e Committee Meetings, Parent Forms, Treasurer Reports, etc…)



I agree, having folders on the Share/Documents function would be very helpful for our troop as well.


DEFINITELY another vote for the “folders” functionality! That’s about all that’s keeping us from ditching DropBox entirely, as we’d very much like to keep all of our Pack’s pertinent info here on TroopTrack.

Thanks for your support and responsiveness with a great product!



another vote for folders.


In the “Category” field have an auto-fill as typing or a drop-down of current categories to select from. We often have “orphaned” documents because someone mistyped an existing category name when adding a document.


On the todo list. Thank you.


One more vote for folders or tags within tags like gmail.