Troop Documents - include a webmaster defined folder structure

We want to upload all our troop documents including “how-to”, camping lists and regular meeting minutes (Committee or SPL etc). We recognise that the “category” offers basic list filtering but this will get unwieldly very quickly as we want to load several new documents a month.

Please improve the Troop documents to include a webmaster defined folder structure where approved users can upload their documents.


I like the idea. A folder structure would be nice to have.:slight_smile:


The folder structure would be awesome! And maybe the ability to upload multiple files to one folder at a time?


I would like to suggest there be a way to create folders within the Troop Documents section. THANKS! This would be MOST helpful in taming the paper tiger
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Please add “date uploaded” field to Troop Documents to facilitate clearing out old stuff


It would be great to link directly to these documents, files or images as well within the TT site. Unless this already exists and I just do not know how to d it.

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You can get to Troop Documents under the “Share” button. Is that what you need or do I not understand what you mean, @avcangem?

No, as an example if I created a new public or private page and wanted to link to one of the documents already uploaded instead of explaining where it was. Or if I wanted to link to an image while creating a new page so I did not have to upload it several times.

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Good point Anthony. I like it

It would be nice if could just FTP files up to our site rather than using the interface.

Right now, I am moving files from our old site to our TT site, the ability to upload 1 or many files would be nice :slight_smile:



Thanks. I don’t want to just limit this to being able to upload multiple at a time though. I really think there should be a way to link to files already uploaded on our packs public and/or private pages. If I create an event and want to link the map or an info sheet or something already uploaded in my documents, we should be able to. If I am sending a message out to the pack or a specific distribution, I should be able to link to an already uploaded document for the recipients to reference.

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Yep, I totally agree :):):slight_smile:

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