Allowing Parents to Add Scout Participation & Service

We would like for parents to be able to add service hours for their scouts–like they could in the past. Currently a parent with Household access does not have the option of editing Service & Participation for their children. Is there a way for us to give that access, or is this a bug that needs fixing? Thanks!

I would like this too!! Now that we’ve taken “Edit Achievement Records” privilege away from parents and are using provisional progress, any adults who also don’t have “Manage Events” have lost their ability to add service hours for their scouts.

There’s the “Manage own outside participation: Add, edit, or delete one’s OWN outside participation” privilege, but that only applies to the scout themselves. A member of another troop suggested we just make accounts for each scout and a parent then has to just sign in as the scout to add the hours. But couldn’t the privilege just be changed to it applies to everyone in your access level, instead of just yourself? (Or could another privilege be added that does that?)