Adding camping nights, service hours, and Hiking hours

Is there a way to add camping night, service hours and hiking days for a scout that was in another troop that has transferred. I don’t want to go back and create events for things that have happened in the past. If there are several scouts this could create several events on the same day due to people transferring in.

thanks for the help.

Hi @randolph.terrell,

If their previous troop used TroopTrack, it might be better just to transfer their information over:

If not, I would recommend you add up all the service hours, hiking miles, etc., create an event to update their records, and just put the totals in record attendance to get them back up to speed.


@mlsully2002 is mostly right. There is no need to create an event for this - just go to the scout’s profile, click on the “Participation” tab, then click “Record Outside Participation”. You can use this to record activities like service hours that happened outside of normal unit events.

Thanks for the info.

maybe I missed it but I did not see that in the user guide. So if it is not there, might be a good point to add to same you time for others asking you questions.

Thanks again.