Announcement: Mail not Sending

Hi Everyone,

TroopTrack is aware of the emails currently not sending.

Emails are not guaranteed to be instantaneous, and currently many emails are being sent within TroopTrack. Due to the increased amount of users trying to send emails, they’re currently being delayed but they will be sent in the order the system received them.

For urgent messages please consider using more direct communication methods such as phone calls or text messages.


David Keener

But ‘not instantaneous’ does not mean waiting for days. We have emails that were qued in TroopTrack on Saturday that still didn’t go out on Monday. Do we keep waiting or put more into the que? Is this something that can be fixed?


Hi Sandra,

I wrote an explanation about the email server issue that happened over the weekend and into Monday. You can read about it here on this thread.

Thank you for your patience as the email server catches up and performs all the queued up jobs.

As always, if you have any questions about anything or need any additional assistance you can always email as we are more than happy to help.