Mail Not Sending

Hello, the last few days a committee member has tried to send emails that either state that it is going to try to redeliver or that they are in queue to be sent. I tried this morning as well and it is also showing in queue to be sent but has not sent and I have received no email alerts regarding y trying to send an email in troop track as I usually do. Please advise if there is an issue just for us or Troop Track wide and if there is anything we can do as a fix.
Thank you.
Jennifer G.


There is another thread about this and many other units same to be having the same issue, including mine. I’ve opened a support ticket, but I haven’t seen any TroopTrack support (HEY @Keener-Trooptrack !) chime in yet.


This is happening to us also!!!

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I guess I did not look far enough down! Thanks

This is happening for AHG Troop SD1268 as well. Will open a trouble ticket.
Thank you,
Julie C

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thanks for doing this. looking forward to a quick resolve.

I had all my mail send 2-3 times last night. Hopefully it’s fixed now. I may do a test email to the board.

Our Troop’s emails from 4/19 and 4/20 2021 are hung up and not being sent. Please help.

Hello all,

The email server that processes the email queues randomly shutdown over the weekend due to overloading. Because of this the email queues weren’t getting emptied for two nights.

The good new, our tech team caught this on Monday and the email servers are now back up and running. There was a heavy volume of emails being sent over the weekend and now due to the increased use, and as the server tries to catch up, emails are still delayed.

For urgent messages please consider using more direct communication methods such as phone calls or text messages. Emails are not guaranteed to be instantaneous, and currently many emails are being sent within TroopTrack.

Reach out to if you need additional assistance or have any further questions.

Thanks everyone,

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Would you let us know when the servers have caught up so that we have expectations of the timeliness of our future emails?

I think this would be very helpful, @Tyler .

Thank you for your update and explanation. :slight_smile:

@DaveStarling & @mwestcott ,

As of 6:59am this morning (Wednesday) all queued emails have been sent and the system has caught up. If you are still not seeing emails that you have previously sent or are experiencing emails not being sent in general, please contact and we can help with any situation.

Thanks everyone!