Announcements questions

Hi all,

Question on how announcements work. Do they only get sent out as part of the newsletter, or do they send immediately once they are created, and then also get included in the newsletter?

Also, the date range (Start on, End on), is that the life of the announcement? What happens to it after it expires?

Thanks for the help.


Hi @cubmaster165,

It sounds like you have the right idea. You can choose a date range for which your announcement will show up on the newsletters. They only show up on the newsletters when they are sent out. You do have the “Send Now” option. After it expires it will no longer appear in the announcements but you will be able to press “View All Announcements” to see it and other previous and future announcements.

We also have a site-wide announcement option, but only people who log in will see it. Manage > Settings > Edit Pack Settings, Site-Wide Announcement. This will show up as a banner at the top of every page in TroopTrack.

Hope that helps!


where is the “send now” option. I don’t see it.


Communicate > Newsletter Settings

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