View Previous Announcements

Is there a way to see previous announcements?

Right now, my Scoutmaster puts all announcements into TT and allows them to be viewed for 1 week. The following week, he replaces/adds announcements as needed.

The only way my parents can see the announcements is to refer to previous emails.

Is there a way to see previous announcements? I don’t think there is, but want to double-check.



Hi @sgaines,

Thanks again for using the Community.

Go to Communicate > Announcements and press “Active and Future Announcements” and change it to “All Announcements” and you can see prior announcements.

I hope this helps!

Thanks and have a nice day!



How does this affect a parent with household permissions to see the announcements? Also, won’t this add the previous announcements to the current announcements?

Curious minds want to know :):slight_smile:



It won’t add anything to new announcements, it’s just for viewing purposes.

I’m going to change this to the “Ideas” category so we can consider allowing parents to see prior announcements as a feature.

For now, if someone wants to see a prior announcement, you will be able to find it and share it with them.

Thank you!