Announcing TroopTrack Photo Sync (02/12/2016)

Have you ever tried to make a poster, slideshow, presentation, or something else with your TroopTrack photo albums and found yourself frustrated with the difficulty of finding and downloading photos to your computer so that you could edit them?


We already know the answer for many of you because we've gotten about a zillion help desk tickets along these lines over the past year.


Today we are extremely excited to announce the release of TroopTrack Photo Sync. Photo Sync is a desktop application that allows you to download all your TroopTrack photo albums to your computer. Here's a quick feature list:


- Runs on OS X and Windows.

- You can download all your photos at once or select specific albums or photos to download

- It even works for users who are involved with multiple troops


The best part of this announcement is that Photo Sync is free open source software. There is absolutely no charge for it, and if you have the right nerd skills you can download it and change it to suit your own needs. And if you add a feature you think others would like, you can submit it as a pull request and we may include it in the product.


See some screenshots and download TroopTrack Photo Sync today!