Feature Friday (08/28/2015)

This morning we released a couple of important updates:

1) Massive upgrade to photo uploads. Have you ever waited a long time to upload a lot of photos and then had to wait a long time while TroopTrack processed them? No more! Thanks to Ryan's hard work, photo processing is now "infinitely scalable" which just means TroopTrack will process all your photos at once instead of one at a time. Now the only limit on storing photos in TroopTrack is your upload bandwidth. 

Seriously. Upload all the photos you want. We can take it. 

2) Improvements to RSVP'ing to events that require payment. Now refunding a ticket to an event resets the attendees status and guest count so that they can RSVP again as needed. Also, if you delete the money transaction from the money account, it will reset their RSVP there too. Withdrawing them from the event behaves similarly.

3) TurboNET roster importer works better with packs that have Tiger Cubs. Previously we were crashing trying to import Tiger leaders. Crash no more!

4) If you use Stripe or PayPal to accept deposits and don't like the $20 minimum deposit, you can now change it. Just go to Manage -> Settings -> Online Payments and you can set your own minimum.

5) If you are outside the United States and don't like the US format for phone numbers, you can now turn phone number formatting off on the TroopTrack settings tab.

6) Page breaks on the shopping list and award ceremony agendas have been problematic in the past, with text being cut in the middle or jumbled up in unreadable ways. No more - we now have clean page breaks for these important reports.

7) Exporting the results from the interactive rank book to CSV now includes all the fields from screen.

8) Simple Sign In Sheets. Have you ever been frustrated with all the options for generating attendance sheets? "I just want a SIMPLE SIGN IN SHEET" you said in a cross voice. This is for you - every event now has a simple sign in sheet with the name of your youth, a sign in box and a sign out box. Yay!

9) Have you ever tried printing every blue card for every merit badge ever worked on in your troop? Or some other REALLY large number of blue cards, using the merit badge book? You might have noticed that it didn't work. Well, now it does.

That's a lot of stuff! What's next?

Event emails, that's what!