How to place an Adult/Leader in Multiple Patrols

First, navigate to the user you want to add to another patrol by clicking on “manage” and “patrols” (this terminology changes depending on your Troop type but it’ll be the first option under “manage”).
Then Click on the name of the person you’d like to edit.

Next, you’ll be in their profile and you’ll need to navigate to their “registration” info. Click on “edit” to update their patrol information.

Finally, under “patrol” (or “unit”, or another terminology that your organization uses) you can click and select which patrols you need them to be apart of.

That’s it! Make sure you click on “save” to fully update that and then you’ll have one user in multiple patrols. This will show on the patrols page and any reports that you create.


David Keener


This is great, this has been a long time coming for many people. Thank you to the Development team and all of the staff at TT.

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So glad to have the option for an adult in multiple units. Thank you!

Yes, this is excellent!!!

Can this feature be added to Sea Scouts? Currently it is not.