Attachement cross over issue

For our last announcements we created a permisison slip & uploaded to our email. AFTER it was sent, when that link was opened it had another troop’s permission slip attached. It was from a troop a few states away from us.
We tried resending to just ourselves, the same thing happened!
We finally changed the name of our document, and when we sent it the attachment was finally linked correctly. It seems there is an issue if files have the same name.
Please share why this would happen and when this will be fixed so we do not have to worry about it happening again.
Thank you

This is known behavior, however is extremely rare that it affects different groups. The file hosting platform is a shared bucket of storage, the only way to get a file is to have the link directly to it so difficult to guess other groups content. In this rare situation your file was named the exact same thing as a different groups file. The system does not overwrite old files with the same name for just this situation, if two groups used the same filename they would overwrite each others files each time they uploaded. The easiest way to avoid a situation like this is to add a date to the name of the file.