Automatic application of event attendance to BSA rank

Service hours, activities and camping nights should automatically apply to BSA ranks.


HI @jon_clements,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack Community! Having service hours, activities, and camping nights automatically apply to BSA ranks sounds like a pretty good idea. Before our developers can consider this, we would like to have a little more input from the community. Have any TroopTrack users you know that you think might benefit from this comment their support or give it a +1.

Thanks for helping to make TroopTrack a better place! Have a great day!

I submitted this a few months ago via a support ticket. It is ticket #9638.

Hi @jon_clements,

We are trying to move many aspects of our Helpdesk to the community, now. Thanks for identifying this ticket for us.

It appears that there is a similar feature request/idea that is already under consideration by our developers. I’ve added your request to the consideration.

Issue #1448

I think that it is superb idea, and super helpful to Advancement Chairs who input the information. I think that this would not only be helpful for BSA ranks, but also for AHG Level Awards. In fact, I was just mentioning that it would be super helpful to have this very feature on Troop Track to our AHG Troop’s Advancement Coordinator.


Yes, I agree as well! Not only would it be helpful, but more efficient as well:)

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I would highly recommend this feature!

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I also submitted this as an enhancement request several years ago. This would be a huge help.

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I agree with Lisa, it would be awesome to have this automated. Melissa Love

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