Emailing Payment Due Reports

Is there a way to send payment due reports/bills to individuals? I know the information shows up on the newsletters, but some folks just need an email entitled “WHAT YOU OWE”. :slight_smile:

Jennifer Skiles, AHG


I’m afraid not. Most people use the newsletters for that. You may consider creating an event or a checklist to remind people they owe money. I wouldn’t get specific with the amounts if you go that way, though. You may also consider just sending them individual emails through TroopTrack.

Feel free to change this to an “Ideas” category and we can see about adding this as a feature.

Love this!! Right now, most of my families miss that they have $$ due at the top of their dashboard. I send out several individual emails and track them down at meetings…

I would echo this as a HUGE need. We have the same issue. Troop Track is a great tool. But all of the parents that you have in your group are normally in many other groups for their kids, plus something for themselves and let’s face it, they don’t log into the Troop track portal that often. It’s a nice idea that they would, but in reality since they have to remember a username and password, that is enough of a barrier for them to not log in and see what’s going on. Plus the newsletter is good, but there is so much extra info on that (links to add to multiple calendars) that takes up so much space on the newsletter they don’t get down that far on the newsletter to view the balance owed!

Having this functionality would be a HUGE benefit. We would also like to have a function similar that allows us to send each family a unique value particular to them. Example: each family has a fundraising obligation. i would like to send this out, and would prefer to just send a single message that went to everyone that included only their individual amount that they earned to date. So this would be a similar feature in which you are sending a mass email, but it’s only containing data that is particular to each family.

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Did someone make this into an “Ideas” post yet? I’ll reference it and put it on the list if that is the case.

Is only the original poster allowed to change it to an idea? I would gladly do it if I could figure out how? Or can I just start a new post in the Ideas category and link it to this thread?

Changing this to an idea can only be done by the owner, but you may start a new topic and just copy/paste it there if you’d like.

Thanks for responding, everyone. I changed it to an idea, as suggested. :slight_smile:

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