How do I turn off automatic "newsletter" emails?

Troop Track sends out periodic emails that are a “newsletter” updating parents on their daughter’s progress. However, if the unit leader hasn’t updated the progress yet, this can cause great confusion. I would like to turn this automatic notification off. How can I do that?

Hi @LeighaDoerrer,

Someone with the privilege “Manage troop settings” will be able to go to Communicate > Newsletter Settings and turn off the newsletters.


Matt, no one in our Troop leadership seems to have that kind of access
privilege - we all checked and no one has any “newsletter settings” option
under Communicate. Is there a way to get this added?

Hi @LeighaDoerrer,

Someone named “Dori” in your account has the ability to change the newsletter settings.

Anyone with the privilege “Manage privileges” can give you that access. Two people in your account can manage privileges including Dori.