Newsletter Inconsistencies

I started noticing when we turned our newsletter back to weekly as opposed to Monthly that there are some inconsistencies with what it is putting in the newsletter. For instance, my VC and I have girls in the same squad and are both (obviously) on the board. However, she is getting newsletters with all the events she and her daughter are invited too and I am not. The same holds true for our girls. Her daughter is getting all the events she is invited to to her email, but mine are not.

I can add pics if you’d like, but this is something that has been happening consistently for the last few weeks. I’m not sure how many more people this is happening to in the troop. I can say that many of our parents aren’t getting notifications about actual troop meetings. They don’t show up for myself, my girls, a several other girls and their parents when I preview their newsletters.

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Dave just hired a support person, document and send to

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Any updates on this? Did it ever get reported to support? This has been the main reason we haven’t setup recurring newsletters since the events are inconsistent on when they show up.

It has been sent to support, it is on the list of things to look at. There were some other pressing items that they were focusing on first, especially the new Cub Scout Ranks.

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@SRUEDU has this still been an issue. They are looking into this but are not able to reproduce issues.

Yes, but now that our calendar is essentially empty, it might be harder to recreate. Up until our Court of Awards we were still having problems.