Automatically mark "reported to council on" for each scout achievement after printing advancement report to council

It would be great to be able to automatically mark “reported to council on” field with date for each scouts achievement after going to print advancement report and hit “print". Otherwise, I have to go to each scout account and open each achievement to mark the “reported to council”. If this is not done, then those achievements that have already been reported will show up again when you go to “Print Advancement Report” the next time and you have to keep weeding through to find the new ones. With having a fairly large pack, that ends up being a lot of achievements to open and mark off. Not to mention more time consuming filtering through finding the new achievements. This feature would save so much time and be more efficient for tracking.

Is there a reason you are not using IA2.0 to report advancements to your Council electronically? That process does automatically mark achievements as “reported to council” when completed.

That is not something that I am familiar with, as our Pack is only using TT. Thank you.

Is your Council entering the Advancements into the BSA Advancements system for you? As far as I know in order to be officially recorded with BSA the Unit needs to enter or upload the advancements into BSA’s systems. While it is not as necessary at the Pack level but if a Scout goes on to Scouts BSA and eventually gets Eagle all of their Scouting accomplishments from Cubs through Scouts are there. This would also take care of your Reported to Council question. Here is the TT instructions for uploading to IA2.0: