FIXED: IA 2.0 Save and Mark Achievements Recorded

When I create a report on IA 2.0 and click close this report I get an error message. Attached are some pictures… can you help me out?

I just tried again and it went thru… go figure!

@belwood413 good to hear. If you ever need any help let us know. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

We are experiencing the same time out message (504) after closing the report after submitting to scoutnet. The ‘reported to council’ fields of the scouts is not updated. And since the file is marked as closed, it does not give us the option to attempt to ‘close and update’ that ‘reported to council’ field again. Any suggestions as to how to get the system to update the ‘reported to council’ field? Please help

I have the same issue. Cannot mark them reported to council and cannot mark them as purchased/awarded/recognized. Please help as the “Contact Us” link under support also does not work!!!

You can always e-mail, another trick is to tag a user in your reply so they get an e-mail, @Tyler.

Hi Chad,

The contact button was giving an error this last week and is now working again. Are you still experiencing the same reported to council problem as David K? The 504 should be fixed. Please let me know.

The main issue I have is not being able to report awards as purchased/awarded/recognized. The system was not processing correctly. I am afraid to try again unless you tell me it is working as once I click the button and it errors, there is no way to go back as the report gets closed…

This sometimes happen if too many awards are selected. If you select fewer awards at a time when you are presenting awards it shouldn’t time out and run for a very long time.

Hope that helps,

Hey. This is still an issue. I closed a report earlier today with just 3 awards. They still don’t show as reported to council. @Tyler

@c.chad.duncan Could you give it another shot? I pushed yet another fix a few days ago.