Cyberchip and Protect Yourself Rules not showing in Advancement Report

I’m getting ready to export an IA 2.0 advancement report from TroopTrack into Scoutbook.

Using the “Record Individual Progress” feature, I marked a Bear scout as having completed their Cyper-chip Grades 1-3 recharge, and the Protect Yourself Rules (Bear).

When I go to run the IA 2.0 Advancement Report, unfortunately those two items do not appear, and I’m afraid they will not be synced to Scoutbook.

Are these two items handled differently than other adventures/requirements?

Are you importing those into ScoutBook ( or into IA 2.0 (

IA2.0 only requires the completion date of the entire Adventure not the individual items, I believe Scoutbook does track the individual items much like TT.

Sorry, I’m using IA 2.0. And when I generate the IA 2.0 Advancement Report, I don’t see those items listed, so I’m afraid won’t pick those up after I import.

The Advancement report just sets the Bear Badge to Complete so all requirements have been met including those.

However if you look at the badge in scoutbook it will not show those specific requirements marked. It doesn’t matter though since the Badge is marked complete. Here is an example from someone in my Pack that earned Bear last year. It would only be an issue if you have parents looking at ScoutBook rather than TT. Directly to your question though, no those items will not be sent via an IA2.0 Advancement Report from TT to IA2.0.

Thanks Aaron. So just to summarize, in regards to those non-standard requirements.

  • They can be logged in TT
  • They won’t be synced to IA 2.0
  • Once TT marks the badge as complete, that will by synced with IA 2.0, and the rank will be earned
  • IA 2.0 can show a rank as earned without having all individual items marked as complete
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@kfavro, Yes, IA 2.0 will show a rank as earned, Scoutbook will show earned without those individual items marked as complete. IA2.0 and Scoutbook are linked but have separate functions.