"Available for Boards of Review?" field for adults


  1. Add a simple checkbox on adult profiles that reads “Available for Boards of Review?”
  2. Add a corresponding report to populate all adults with this checkbox selected on their profile OR just add this “Available for BoR” parameter to be an option on the Adult Leadership report.

Purpose: when trying to schedule a Board of Review, there is a lot of confusion about which adults–unit leaders, volunteers or parents–who are available to be contacted to help sit on the Board of Review needed for a scout’s advancement.

Having a parameter where a user with unit-level permissions can select AND a corresponding report would allow leaders to know the pool they can draw from, making scheduling these Boards of Reviews much easier. This also prevents the same few people being asked every time, preventing burnout.

I had to pull the entire membership report, remove more than half the columns, and then go through each user to determine on my own if they were available, eligible or interested in helping with the Boards. Much more time-consuming than it should have been.

Dev information:
All it would require is adding another column in the user table in the database and then having it editable through the Profile page for each user (set to TRUE/FALSE), and then reference it as a report parameter for the CSV export.

In BSA, Boards of Review are only supposed to be troop committee members. This item should not be editable by adults since it can be misunderstood. If implemented, it should only be available to be changed by an administrator (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, etc.).

Although you are correct that this specific setting should only be editable by someone with unit permissions (like a Committee Chair), you are incorrect that only committee members can be on a board. I’ll edit the post accordingly.

Although it is preferred to have committee members on the board, in smaller units it is permitted to use registered adults over age 21, or in exceptionally rare cases, unregistered adults or parents of other Scouts (Guide to Advancement, section 1).