"Available for campouts?" field for adults

Idea: add a parameter in each adult profile called “Available for campouts?”, which the user can check or uncheck based on their individual preference.

Purpose: allows parents and adult leaders to specify if they are generally available for outdoor activities. Many of our adults are available for weekly meetings but not for weekend campouts, and knowing which users we can call on (instead of the same handful of people each time) would help us share the load.

It would also make it much easier for us to identify and invite others (who wouldn’t normally be considered as available for outdoor activities) with the opportunity to share in these outdoor experiences with their children. That helps strengthen and support the youth in their activity, building stronger family relationships and strengthens the entire program as a result.

Just as vital is having this show up in the Adult Leadership report as a parameter would also allow us to actually use this field to make these invitations. It would take a major headache out of campout planning!

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