"Who's Invited" suggestion

Under the “Who’s Invited” when you RSVP: there is Awaiting Response, Going, Possible Going, and Not Going. Adults and Youth are all together under each category. Is there a way that Adults and Youth could be separate like they are after attendance is done? It would make it easier to know so we can plan for certain things.


Yes!!! Otherwise I need to read through the list each time and mentally calculate how many are adults, and how many are youth.


It would also be useful to list the names of youth and adult guests. Sometimes we’ll invite the webelos from the cub pack to join the troop for a weekend camping trip. Usually we need to have a printed roster of names when we get to camp and sign in for the weekend. For historical reasons it would also be nice to see who was there.


Just checking in on this topic. :slight_smile: