Awards Configurations - Order and Expanded/Closed

Hello friends!

We have released the updates to the Cub Scout ranks that became effective on June 1, 2024. In the process we became painfully aware of how long the award list can be when adding awards. To help with this, we have made two improvements.

First, we have made it easy for us to configure the order the awards appear in when adding them. As a result, the Cub Scout ranks are now at the top. If you have suggestions for how to order the rest of the awards, in Cub Scouts or in other unit types, please let us know by posting comments in the community forums here and we will make adjustments.

Second, we have also made it easy for us to configure whether award groups start out as “expanded” or “closed”. You can see this in the screenshot below. This makes it a lot easier to scroll to the award type you are looking for. If you have suggestions about which award types should be “expanded”, please let us know in the community forums here. Right now, this change is only present on the “Record Individual Progress” workflow but we will add it to the other award workflows soon.


Thanks for doing this, Dave! I can see the 2024 changes in the individual progress, but should I also be seeing the 2024 versions in the settings where I manage the Pack’s available awards? I don’t see them there at the moment.

@sjmarshall you should be able to see the awards there too. We’ll look into it.

@sjmarshall, I was able to see those in the list yesterday, they are different from the previous listings, it is just one line Lion (Kindergarten), Tiger (First Grade) etc. All of the individual items are not listed as separate adventures now they are all under the Badge.

Thanks! I see them now. I think the naming discrepancy is what threw me. This is nice that everything is together in one place. My only feedback on this is:

  • We miss the ability to check off an entire award all at once. We now need to check each requirement individually (Bulk).
  • With all of the requirements nested under the badge, it makes for a lot of scrolling to find what you’re looking for.

That being said, we can certainly make due and appreciate the quick turnaround on the updates!