Add version year to ALL Cub Scout Awards/Achievements/Ranks, etc

Please add the version year for all Cub Scout Awards, Achievements, Ranks, etc.

TT did a great job of annotating the “new” Cub Scout requirements/adventures with a b[/b]; the “new” Boy Scout requirements with a b[/b]; and the “older” Boy Scout requirements with a b[/b].

However, for Cub Scouts, there are still several duplicate (and, possibly erroneous) ranks, etc., displayed in TT under the Bulk Entry and the Active Achievement lists which continue to cause confusion. As a reminder, even though all new Cub Scouts will work under the “new” 2015 requirements, we still have three more years until ALL the current Cub Scouts that had earned achievements/ranks under the 2010 requirements will cross-over to Boy Scouts or age out.

That means the TT Support Folks should anticipate fielding these types of questions/concerns for the next three years as new units and users (hopefully) keep migrating to TT and continue to import the records of those existing, “legacy” Cub Scouts. . . just a thought.

Hi @BobCain,

Thank you for the suggestion and the information about the awards. We will look further into this and see about fixing this up a little better.

Thank you!

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