Badges that have 2016 beside them

Why are there badges that have two entries, one just labeled the badge and one with 2016 beside it? What is the difference? Example: Native American and Native American 2016.
thank you.

Typically the dated ones are the newest update of the badge. Sometimes multiple versions will exist as some could still be working on an older version.

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In this case for AHG undated is 2020 new book and 2016 is old version of badge. It is still on there for those grandfathered in working to complete it but for those starting a new badge you should select the undated version.


The 2016 AHG Badges are from the old Handbook; 2020 Badges show the current requirements from the 2020 Handbook.

  • There is a way to deactivate the older badges, so that they don’t pop up when you are crew acting a new badge entry. (It won’t delete the older badges showing up as a prior achievement.) *
  • Go to settings → Manage active achievements → then uncheck each item you want to take off. Click SAVE way down at the bottom.
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