AHG badge terminology


Can you update the site to better reflect some of the AHG badge terminology?

The individual badges (e.g., Camping badge, Outdoor Skills badge, Photography badge) belong in categories called Frontiers.

When I am in Achieve>Record Progress (Bulk), and probably elsewhere, the categories are labeled “Arts Badge” when it should be “Arts Frontier”, “Family Living Badge” when it should be “Family Living Frontier,” etc. There are 6 Frontiers - Heritage, Family Living, Arts, Outdoor Skills, Personal Well-Being, and Science & Technology.

Interestingly, when I look in Achieve>Badge Book, and start clicking on the menu tabs (not sure what they are called) - I can select “All Award Types” and then I see both “Heritage Badge” (which lists the badges in the “Heritage Frontier” that the girls have worked on), and “Heritage Frontier” (which lists no girls working on badges).

If the drop down list of “All Award Types” could be cleaned up so that it reflects AHG terminology that would be great.

Thanks very much!

@melissa, can you please look into this? Thank you.

@mwestcott I have taken care of this for you. Please take a look and let me know if it looks good. :slight_smile:

Badge Book looks better, but I still see “Arts Badge” instead of “Arts Frontier” (etc.) under Record Progress (Bulk).

Thanks for working on this!

I am not sure why it didn’t change it under the bulk progress feature. I will ask Dave about it and get back to you.