Balance due on Board of Review report

Please add the scout account balance due on the Board of Review report.

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Hi @c.chad.duncan,

I’m currently just going through the old forums, and responding to people’s unanswered questions/suggestions.

I’d like to know more about this idea. Does the Scout have to pay money for a Board of Review? When you say account balance are you talking about a money account for the Board of Review Report?

Thanks, and sorry for the delayed response,

David Keener

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. It would be great to just add the scout’s balance to the BoR worksheet report. We just like to be sure they have a zero balance before they advance. We have some scouts who are very slow to pay for things like summer camp, etc and want them to clear balanced before advancing. Does that help?


Hello again,

I found an issue with the Eagle required MB count. If a scout earns both Lifesaving and Emergency Preparedness the system counts them both toward Eagle and it should only count 1 of them. I assume the same is true for Swimming/Hiking, etc…

It shows the incorrect count on the achievement page and on the BoR worksheet.

Hi @c.chad.duncan,

Ya that makes a lot of sense. I can get that over to our tech team, and see what they think. They’ve been busy fixing some more recent bugs we’ve come across so it may be a little bit before they can get to that.

Also I took a look at your Eagle Report and saw that same problem, so I’ll report that to the tech team as well.


David Keener