2016+ Ranks for Cub Scouts

Can you tell me why a 2016+ was added for all the Cub Scout ranks? Our leaders were using those, even though they are not the same requirements as in the scout books. I deleted them and had them add requirements in to the 2015+ ranks instead, where the requirements matched the books. Can you tell me why and where the 2016+ rank would be applicable? Do different states us different edition books? Whenever they add a new scout, the 2015+ and 2016+ rank both come up under that scout, causing much confusion.

Hi @KellyTodd,

The BSA rolled out new requirements for cub scouts at the end of 2016. According to the instructions from the BSA, they say to finish the current adventure you are working on and start the new requirements immediately.

How does that work in generating ranks when half of their rank is under 2015, then you say to add new adventures following 2016+ ranks? Are we required to hand enter everything into the 2016+ rank from the 2015+ rank?

That one is up to you. The 2016+ ranks have fewer requirements, I think.

What I do just to cover all bases is use the 2016+ adventure and I put when and what I finish when it happens but then because we have already finished 75% of the 2015+ adventures I’m just going into those and saying they finished everything in them. Next year it’ll be easier to start over with the 2016 ones. Once i do all that I go into the reorts and say theyve been purchased and awarded so the awards person doesn’t buy doubles of anything.

I have noticed the Rank (2016+) is not autofilling in the dates of completed required adventures. Is they be design? Also do you have it on the road map to look like the 2015 Rank (indented under Rank)?