BSA Rechartering

Recharting is very important and potentially time-consuming process for pack and troop leaders. Our pack has about 80+ boys and 15+ registered adults. I know there is a spreadsheet/CSV file format that can be loaded into a BSA recharting site that would make this easier. TroopTrack would be able to make that process much easier by generating that file with the information already in TroopTrack. A Tutorial on BSA Recharting can be found here…

I emplore you to act quickly if possible because rechartering starts in about a week and has to be done by December 1 I believe.

Thank you for your help on this very time-consuming and cumbersome process.



Yes please. The membership/rechartering tools feel particularly weak in TroopTrack.
I ended up having to create a spreadsheet with columns and manually filling in whether or not people had completed:

  • YPT Training done & current
  • Medical Forms (Youth, Adult)
  • Insurance card, immunization record submitted
  • Shirt sizes turned in
  • Application turned in (for new scouts only)
  • Dues paid

It would be so much nicer if TroopTrack allowed me to create a list of items that needed to be done and then the parents could log in and fill it out / complete it. Even the “automatic application” in troop track needs help; it only fills in part of the form, even though Trooptrack has way more information and could fill in most of the application.


I think this is a very simple report which TroopTrack could easily program and allow up to generate. If I gather the header fields, will you be able to show us how to get the report out in CSV format?


I am assuming that TT did not get this done this year?

I support this idea.

I have been testing the demo and this might be a deal breaker to get us to leave troopmaster.

Can you just pull the ‘Member Details Report’? That may give you what you’re looking for.

+1 to creating a recharter export/spreadsheet/function.

Does anyone know the format for the file BSA wants you to upload for recharter? It can’t be anything more than a CSV, right? They say PackMaster, TroopMaster, and TroopSoft can export the correct file. TroopTrack should be able to, also.

At this point BSA Recharter is done totally online and the roster is populated from Internet Advancement.

It would still be helpful if a special output that can be used to indicate who has paid, who is getting BL and filled out any required paperwork (such as background check forms) thus will be included in the recharter. This would make it easier to track from a single point and then match to the BSA online version.