Make training list easier to navigate

Maybe I am the only one…but finding training in the training pull down list is extremely hard for me. Some training is listed with the Boy Scout code, others are just listed by name, there are things on the list for cub scouts but we are a Boy Scout Troop. It would make my job easier if something was done to improve the list so I can easily find things. My ideas include:

  • Double check all the names and make sure they match exactly the name off the BSA or organization website. It seems to me some training names differ, ever so slightly, from the item on the list. This makes me wonder if I am selecting the right one.
  • Break the list down into categories. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc. Indent the list under those categories so I know I am looking at the right place.
  • Provide a link on the page, off to the side, to the list of Boy Scout codes so I can use that to help me figure out what the right name of the training is or what the right code for the training.
  • Etc.

These are just ideas. Maybe others can suggest even better ideas or confirm if this is difficult for them too.


Great Idea! I’m a new AHG leader and inputting training to TroopTrack for the first time, and finding the list of available training difficult to navigate because of the number of similar, but probably different, training items listed. Since TroopTrack integrates with AHGConnect and other organization systems, I have no way of knowing if the training I select is the right one for my organization. TroopTrack, please improve this item!!

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I am also struggling with this. I would suggest at least a search option so I could narrow the list to relevant potential line items.

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Agree 100%! Would also suggest being able to sort alphabetically or by code (or perhaps by most common?). Also, if possible consider an option to hide irrelevant codes (e.g., Cub Scout Codes for a Boy Scout Troop, etc.). I also like the idea of a search capability.