Bug fixes and Project Samwise

Over the last couple of days we’ve released a number of bug fixes:

  1. The bulk privileges screen now improves users who are not assigned to a patrol
  2. In certain cases event schedules weren’t appearing on calendars. This is fixed.
  3. Some troop documents were not visible to some users. This is fixed.
  4. The achievements filter was behaving inconsistently. This is fixed.
  5. Award types in the achievements filter are now sorted by name.

We have also officially began working on the next version of the TroopTrack UI. This project has the code name “Samwise” and we will be posting screenshots, videos, etc. on community.trooptrack.com. The main changes you will see are:

  1. Modernization of the TroopTrack user interface. It will have a more modern look and feel.

  2. It will be super fast. For the techies out there, we will be moving from a server-side HTML architecture powered by Ruby on Rails to a client-side UI built in React with Typescript backed by an API powered by Ruby on Rails.

  3. We are replacing the thick menu header with a “drawer” on the side. This will give you more vertical space and looks really nice.

  4. Support for some offline capabilities. No internet? So what! Certain read-only pages will keep working anyway.

We’re very excited about this and will keep you posted.