Various enhancements and bug fixes (02/09/2016)

We are releasing a large number of bug fixes and enhancements this morning based on your help desk submissions. In no particular order, here's what is going live this morning:

1) A bug causing pages to print with the URL of all links displayed has been fixed.

2) Troops now have the option of setting their publicly viewable calendar to be an agenda view rather than a month view (go to Manage -> Settings -> Edit Settings and click on the TroopTrack Settings tab).

3) The public calendar now includes a left menu so that visitors can navigate back to your web pages.

4) The award books now include links to the requirements of each award displayed.

5) The pages for displaying the generic rank and merit badge requirements were not working as a result of the subdomain changes we made. You probably didn't notice this because the pages for displaying the requirements for a specific youth were working fine. This is now fixed.

6) Some of you complained that the Google Translate widget was confusing people on pages where there was little content because it would show up near the top of the page. We have changed the page layout so that it is at the bottom no matter what.

7) The advancement overview now sorts achievements and groups them by completed, started, and unstarted.

8) Troops that do not renew their TroopTrack subscriptions will lose their subdomains after 60 days. This does not apply to Trail Life USA troops.

That's it! All of these changes will by live by approximately 8:30 AM Central Time.

Have a great day!

~ Dave

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