Editing Bulk Badges

I have a love/hate relationship with the bulk feature entering. I love that it cuts entering badges for squads, units, and even the troop to ridiculously quick work. I love the fact that 98% of the time, it’s all entered beautiful and perfect. But, there have been times when a person makes a mistake entering a badge for the entire troop that had to be deleted. Scout by scout. (That’s the hate part of our relationship.)

It would be beautiful to have an option to allow us to see badges that were entered in bulk and be able to edit those badges, perhaps even delete those badges entered by mistake.


I agree - a great feature would be the ability to “undo” the last few actions. This would be useful with any bulk update, but might be easier to implement as a global feature. I would say that being able to undo the last 3 updates would be plenty.

Yes, or do a bulk updated to REMOVE the progress (useful if you double-enter an award by accident).

I agree with everyone here. It would be really nice if in the Bulk Achievement your could find a way to see which boys have already earned it. Maybe use a tabular view for bulk entry.

Show the scouts down the rows and a column for each requirement in the achievement (then each cell would show the date the scout completed the achievement. Maybe it could look like this:

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